Sunday, June 22, 2008

Angling For A Reprieve; The Stumbling Astros

  • The signs are there for all to see:
Since Cito Gaston wasn't J.P. Ricciardi's choice to replace John Gibbons as manager and team president Paul Godfrey (right) is flexing his muscles making calls that Ricciardi wouldn't make,
godfrey pic.jpeg
is it out of the question that if the Blue Jays lose to the Pirates today, extend their losing streak to eight games and return home with a 35-42 record, that the team uses tomorrow's off day to fire Ricciardi? Godfrey has been nothing but a loyal employer, allowing Ricciardi to do whatever he felt was right for the organization, but it's starting to look like enough's enough with the temper tantrums, explosions, confrontations, arrogance and so much wasted money undercutting the good things Ricciardi has done. Overruling the GM on hiring a new manager is a bad sign for that GM especially when said GM previously made all the organizational decisions; another loss (or even a win) today could be the final slice in Ricciardi's death from a thousand cuts.
  • Rays 4-Astros 3:
A few weeks ago, I wrote about how stunningly well the Astros were playing despite shortcomings in their pitching staff and Cecil Cooper's reluctance to go by the established and absurd "book" that many managers use to their demise. In the weeks since, the team has collapsed. They've been a punching bag for American League teams during interleague
oswalt pic.jpeg
play and now that the offense has ceased to carry them, they're seven games under .500.
Although they've been resistant to this in the past, they might be well-served to hold Roy Oswalt up for auction; he's locked into a reasonable contract through 2011 (although he has a blanket no-trade clause) and would probably fetch more in a deal than than the Indians are going to get for C.C. Sabathia because Oswalt's not a rental. He hasn't pitched all that well this year, but if he's healthy, he might just need a change of scenery.

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