Friday, August 1, 2008

My Pre-Season Manny Prediction Eerie In It's Prescience

I forget a major chunk of the things I write (as well as the things I say; do; hear; watch;
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etc; but that's a whole other story); but I took a look at my book because I vaguely remembered writing something about Manny Ramirez possibly being traded if he didn't get a contract extension and here's the quote:

Manny Ramirez had an off year with only 20 homers and 88 RBI. He's becoming a liability defensively with his mental and physical lapses, but when he wants to play, he's still one of the top five hitters in baseball. Manny's contract is up at the end of 2008 and he'll undoubtedly be complaining about the Red Sox not signing him to an extension. He'll either let that affect his play and force the Red Sox to explore mid-season trade options, or he'll have a massive offensive year. (The Prince of New York's 2008 Baseball Guide, page 9.)

Now, there's been a few things in the book that I got wrong, but I nailed the Manny-mess like a batting practice fastball simply because it was only a matter of "Manny being Manny" and going overboard in his dissatisfaction with not getting his way to become too much of a problem for the Red Sox to put up with for the season's duration.

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