Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Schilling An Ill-Informed, Attention-Seeking Baby

I've never overtly bashed Curt Schilling except when he's deserved it for some absurd thing
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he's said; I've also defended him because of the many nice things he's done with his time and money and for his greatness as a pitcher, but now that his career is just about over and he's a forgotten man, he has to jump in and try to garner some attention for himself by ripping New York fans for cheering the injury to Tom Brady and it's another example of why Schilling is an impossible guy to root for because he opens his mouth and has no regard for what comes out, fact or fiction.
In case anyone missed it, Schilling went off about the Brady injury----ESPN Story----during a radio appearance. I doubt highly that Schilling even heard any of the stuff he claims New York fans have said, but being ill-informed has never stopped him from ranting before. I listen
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relatively regularly to the main New York City all-sports station WFAN and in the time I've been listening since Brady's injury, I haven't heard anyone gloating over it. WFAN is the forum for many fans who are just looking for a place to vent their rage and spew ignorant diatribes (hmmm, sort of sounds like...Curt Schilling!!!), but a large portion of the callers, while occasionally off-the-wall, are reasonable enough about their feelings that they wouldn't wish such an injury on anyone no matter how much of a nemesis they are.
Are they glad that the road for the Jets just got easier? Of course. Did they want to beat the Patriots without their star quarterback, I doubt it because it's nowhere near as satisfying to do it as the team is compromised; and the last time I checked, a New York team beat the "unbeatable" and intact Patriots team in the Super Bowl, so why should there be any celebrating over Brady's injury? And I'm not a Jets or Giants fan, so I honestly couldn't care less one way or the other. Besides that, the Jets endured the same thing when they lost quarterback Vinny Testaverde in Bill Parcells's last year as coach when they were widely expected to contend for the Super Bowl and I doubt there were any candlelight vigils for them in New England.
Schilling revels in any little thing he says bringing him some attention and with
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this new bout of silliness, he's getting his wish. I'm sure the Red Sox are unhappy about Schilling's injury keeping him off the mound, but not unhappy that his flapping mouth is elsewhere as they now have a lightning rod-free clubhouse sans Manny Ramirez and the tantrum-throwing, infantile Schilling, who sounds like he needs a diaper change. Any microphone is like a pacifier for him, but obviously he's not getting the attention he craves; maybe he should be put into time-out until he learns not to make up stories.

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