Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A Simple Question Regarding An "Ace"

  • Phillies 8-Mets 6:
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I have a simple question regarding Johan Santana: with the knowledge that Billy Wagner was unavailable for tonight's game, was it much to ask him to throw another fifteen or twenty pitches to bring his total to a not-out-of-line 120 to close the game for his team on a night they needed him to? I don't want to see one sour face or hear one word of complaint from Santana because the bullpen coughed the game up; if he wanted to make sure he got the win, he should've stayed in the game to finish it. He's the ace and he's getting paid like the ace, then he should finish the game; and if the closer isn't available, then 120 pitches isn't a lot to ask.

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