Thursday, July 3, 2008

Theater Of The Bizarre, An Apology And Directing Anger In The Appropriate Direction

I don't get angry over nothing, but I may have lost my temper and directed it's contents in
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the wrong direction. I'm a bit confused over the comment on my duplicate blog----Censorship Is For The Gutless. A comment was posted under the name "Ian Smithson":

Ian Smithson said...

I've never deleted a comment from my blog, nor asked anyone to delete a comment. As for why someone deleted yours, I would have to see the comment before hazarding a guess. But it's possible that we've got a policy about comments including links to blogs. -robneyer

It says RobNeyer at the conclusion, so if that is truly Neyer who wrote the comment and didn't delete my comment, I have to apologize to Neyer, so I apologize for assuming he was the one who deleted the content and for exploding.
The true object of my anger is apparently ESPN, who has allowed me to comment and leave my blog link before, but either didn't like the content or didn't want the link, or both.
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Either way, I'll have more on ESPN in a later blog (including the condescending context of their Email to me after I complained about the deletion). As for right now, if that's really Rob Neyer aka Ian Smithson, I again apologize.

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